5 mistakes that preclude success in betting

A relatively large percentage of bettors in the long term loser. His failures are then trying to blame it on bookmakers, unhappiness and a lot of other factors. But the reality is that the vast majority affect your results themselves – their behavior. A majority of them commits a straight several mistakes that virtually eliminate success in betting. That is why we have now prepared a summary of the five most fundamental mistakes you must avoid at all costs.

1) Poor bankroll managment

The worst mistake bettors is not so bad comments, but rather poor bankroll management. Many bettors are able to correctly guess the winner, but only a relatively small percentage of bettors are able to actually make money. Why? Because only a small percentage of bettors have good bankroll management.

Bet on one match $ 50 and the other $ 500 is needed in the long run absolutely sure path to hell. Although you can win several times, but over time you start losing and losing and they will quickly beggar.

Double the bet during good or bad series is a recipe for disaster. It is quite surprising how many punters resorted to this step – including those who are betting for years.

If you’ve read a book about betting, you have certainly noticed that right at the beginning of the chapter on bankroll management. And was not there because the authors on this topic so like to write … but because bankroll managment is crucial for success.

If you want to know about the bankroll of Management more information, read articles Bankroll managment for beginners and for advanced Bankroll managment.

2) Betting on bad betting event

It’s no secret that the most popular sport, as far as betting, soccer and basketball … and it is no secret either that in these sports is quite difficult to achieve long-term profit.

Most professional bettors relies mainly on baseball, which is significantly below the ladder of popularity. The same is true for hockey, but it must be recognized that a large number of successful punters betting on football, however, achieve a profit here is not easy.

Everything is mainly about how to choose a sphere of interest and then went on to become experts. If you choose this approach, you draw a lot of useful information in our section by sports betting.

3) Lack of knowledge

This point was partially overlaps with point number 2, however this issue is broader than at first glance knows. The point is mainly that the fan is not always a good punter. Yes, it is great that you can list the basic eleven such as Real Madrid, but if you want to football (successfully) to bet that you’ll have to learn a lot more.

And not only about football … many bettors wagering does not know the basic concepts, margin sázkovek, know that you have to lead the betting diary, follow good bankroll managment and so on.

If you feel that you have in your gambling education “gaps, definitely recommended that you read our School of betting.

4) Betting on too many games broadcast on TV

Many bettors think that if a game is televised, it is their responsibility to bet on it. This factor was, until recently, very big problem, but there is a tremendous amount of televised matches so punters can lay a good day 7-8 betting on matches broadcast on TV (on weekends, this number may have increased).

But the reality is that in matches broadcast on TV plays a big role in public. It works by reducing sázkovky courses offered so clever punters are betting on these games either rarely or quite significantly reduce the size of your bets – usually matches broadcast on television to gamble roughly ¼ of their usual bets.

More information on this topic see the article How to conduct affects the public betting strategy? Betting against the public, and to maximize profits.

5) Playing poker and casino games

Virtually every online sázkovka already also offers poker and casino games, things which many sports bettors could resist. There are many bettors who are betting a long time in the black, but still has to find their betting accounts to charge more and more money because everything lose the slot machines or poker.

If you have problems with this behavior, you can write to customer support and request the blocking of casino games. Bookmaker should accommodate your wishes.

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The right size of your bets

Now that you understand the importance of creating a betting bankroll, you can move to the next notch – setting the correct size bets.

If your individual stakes too high, you run the risk that a bad series quickly ruin your bankroll. If your bet is too low, you will not see the results you’d given the size of your bankroll should see.

This is another area where many bettors make unnecessary mistakes. But you do not have to worry – there is a simple but very effective tool, which makes you able to correctly determine the size of the bet.

Constant size bets

Most bettors make mistakes due to a misunderstanding of the importance of keeping constant the size of the bets. Betting accidentally large sum you bring nothing positive. 10 USD per ticket for the next 50, 100, 300 this is definitely not the type of betting structure you’d like to follow (if it is betting you are serious and want to become a professional bookmaker = achieve maximum gains).

If you choose a path different sized single bets, you face many pitfalls and problems. There is a simple way to avoid these unnecessary obstacles – keep constant the size of bets.

Maintaining a constant size bets is simple and effective.

100% same confidence in each bet

When you bet, you always want to have the same confidence tip – this is achieved so that you will make the highest quality pre-match analysis. If the bet does not meet your criteria and you doubt whether you should bet, definitely do not think that you would have bet a smaller amount (this also applies vice versa). Always keep a constant amount of bets on the outcome, in which you have confidence.

Inconstant size of bets = Various levels of trust

Remember that bet on each betting opportunities you always want the same amount of confidence. Constant size bets will help with the maintenance of discipline and helps to structuring your thoughts. If you stick to this philosophy, you’ll soon see the positive results.

Of course, if you are not able to correctly guess you are not satisfied with the results – in this case, you need to reconsider your progress in implementing the pre-game analysis and also go through their thought processes. That way you’ll be able to find a mistake in the future be avoided.

When you combine proper bankroll managment and quality pre-match analysis, once reached the point where you can bet your constant amount of increase since its successful tips will increase its size. The fact we discuss in the next lesson.

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