The right size of your bets

Now that you understand the importance of creating a betting bankroll, you can move to the next notch – setting the correct size bets.

If your individual stakes too high, you run the risk that a bad series quickly ruin your bankroll. If your bet is too low, you will not see the results you’d given the size of your bankroll should see.

This is another area where many bettors make unnecessary mistakes. But you do not have to worry – there is a simple but very effective tool, which makes you able to correctly determine the size of the bet.

Constant size bets

Most bettors make mistakes due to a misunderstanding of the importance of keeping constant the size of the bets. Betting accidentally large sum you bring nothing positive. 10 USD per ticket for the next 50, 100, 300 this is definitely not the type of betting structure you’d like to follow (if it is betting you are serious and want to become a professional bookmaker = achieve maximum gains).

If you choose a path different sized single bets, you face many pitfalls and problems. There is a simple way to avoid these unnecessary obstacles – keep constant the size of bets.

Maintaining a constant size bets is simple and effective.

100% same confidence in each bet

When you bet, you always want to have the same confidence tip – this is achieved so that you will make the highest quality pre-match analysis. If the bet does not meet your criteria and you doubt whether you should bet, definitely do not think that you would have bet a smaller amount (this also applies vice versa). Always keep a constant amount of bets on the outcome, in which you have confidence.

Inconstant size of bets = Various levels of trust

Remember that bet on each betting opportunities you always want the same amount of confidence. Constant size bets will help with the maintenance of discipline and helps to structuring your thoughts. If you stick to this philosophy, you’ll soon see the positive results.

Of course, if you are not able to correctly guess you are not satisfied with the results – in this case, you need to reconsider your progress in implementing the pre-game analysis and also go through their thought processes. That way you’ll be able to find a mistake in the future be avoided.

When you combine proper bankroll managment and quality pre-match analysis, once reached the point where you can bet your constant amount of increase since its successful tips will increase its size. The fact we discuss in the next lesson.

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